Dowry is property or money brought by a bride to her husband when they marry. This sort of practice in the society is called the dowry system. Undoubtedly this is an evil practice and a curse for the society. There are a great many reasons for giving and taking dowry. The main reason of dowry system is the problem of attitude towards the females. In the male dominated society women are considered inferior to men. As a
result girls are not given equal opportunity for building their career. At the time of marriage the innocent bride becomes a victim to the greed of her husband. If the demands fall short of the husband’s expectation, he starts torturing with divorce and even beaten to death. Many wives being unable to undergo mental torturing commit suicide. The parents of a daughter are often in a panic to marry their daughter off. Thus, dowry system affects the whole society. I hate this system from the very core of my heart. But I think this social vice will not be eliminated unless and until attitude towards the women are changed and unless and until girls are properly educated to claim their equal status and own right.