I have had a family festivity recently. It was the occasion of my younger brother’s birthday. On the occasion, a room was decorated with colored paper and festoons. On the wall the word ‘Birthday’ and the name of my brother were written with colored letters. Friends and relatives were invited to attend the party. A big cake was prepared on which the word ‘Birthday’ was written with cream and candles representing years
were placed on the cake. My brother cut the cake off and all others sang ‘Happy birthday to you’. Then the pieces of cake were distributed among all. Fruits, sweets and some other foods were served on the occasion. On the party everybody was in a cheerful mood and this is the most interesting aspect of such a party. At the end my younger brother spoke a few words thanking the guests for their heartfelt participation and beautiful gifts. I was greatly satisfied when the party came to an end successfully. I think such festivities are very important in our monotonous life.