The Shat Gambuj Mosque is famous for its historical importance as well as its spectacular beauty. Saint Ulugh Khan Jahan made this magnificent mosque in Bagerhat district in the middle of 15th century. This magnificent mosque is located on the eastern bank of a vast water tank. Besides being used as a prayer hall,
the mosque was also used as the court of Khan Jahan Ali. The roof of the mosque is supported by 77 squat domes. The vast prayer hall of the mosque has 11 arched doorways on east and 7 each on north and south for ventilation and light. It has 7 longitudinal corridors. Architecturally, the interior and exterior of the mosque is quite plain. But the interior Western Wall was decorated beautifully with terracotta flowers and foliage. This offers an impressive look. In fact, the Shat Gombuj Mosque is one of the architectural manifestations of Bangladesh. Now it has become the main attraction for the tourists for its stately historical magnificence.