Drug addiction means strong attraction for some harmful drugs like heroin, opium, marijuana,
morphine and cocaine, etc. Some of these are taken by smoking or through injection. It has now
become a great problem in our social life. It has grasped the young generation o our country.
Frustration among the young generation is one of the main causes of the addiction of drugs. When
there is no hope left for the young, they generally become addicted to drugs for temporary pleasure.

It carries them to an unreal world of dreams. But slowly it leads them to death. As a result, a large
number of the rosy possibilities of our young are nipped in the bud. Moreover, the addict often feels
drowsy and loses appetite. It may also damage their brains and all the internal functions of their body
and ultimately lead them to death. Thousands of families in cities, towns and even in rural
areas in Bangladesh are directly or indirectly affected by it. In the above circumstances, every one of

us should come forward to generate public opinion against this great curse of our social life.