Junk food is a kind of food, which is made for its pungent test. It has little food value. It looks very appealing to everybody but it’s not good for health. It often contains added chemicals which make its taste soothing but are unhealthy. It usually contains a lot of animal fat or sugar. Foods such as chips, burgers, crips, cakes and biscuits are all junk foods and are rich in animal facts. When we eat a large quantity of these foods our
bodies turn them into fatty tissue which can damage our health. On the other hand, sweets and fizzy drinks like cola and lemonade contain a high quantity of sugar. Our skin and teeth are damaged owing to intake of large quantity of sugar. Junk food also lacks the vitamins and minerals which are very essential for human body. It is, in no way, useful to our health. We should avoid taking but eat enough homemade foods to maintain good health.