Dhaka is an old city. It has a historical and a glorious past. From my boyhood I had a keen desire to visit to Dhaka which has a glorious past. I was waiting for that opportunity. At last the opportunity came when my uncle proposed me to go to Dhaka with him. MY father also agreed and I started for Dhaka with my uncle. I stayed there 7 days. During my stay in Dhaka I saw many things of historical interest. The very first day while
passing through Nowabpur Road I was charmed by grand sights of the big shops. I went to Gulistan, D.I.T. avenue and Motijheel Commercial Area. The fine buildings and modern offices of these areas are really things of beauty. The famous cannon of Islam khan placed at the Osmani Garden took me back to the glorious days of the Mughals. The stadium, the Baitul Mukkarram mosque, the general post Office, the Bangabhaban,the WAPDA buildings,the Bangladesh Bank and many other tall and beautiful buildings impressed me very much. In one morning, I went to Islampur, Lalbag, Chawkbajar,. On my way, I visited Ahsan Monzil, the magnificent buildings of the Nowab of Dhaka. I visited Barah Katra, Chota Katra, the Lalbag Killah. I also visited the mosque of Begum Bazar built during the mughal rule. All these have great historical importance. This very visit has widened the horizon of my knowledge.