A snake charmer is one of the wandering entertainers in our country. He generally catches snake and entertains people by playing with them. People believe that he bewitches the dangerous snakes by spells. Most of the snakes charmers in our country belong to a tribe better known as ‘Bede’.

A snake charmer generally wears a strange dress with a turban on his head. In almost every seasons, he is seen both in the towns and the villages. HE usually carries two baskets on his head containing snakes and a flute in his hand. He generally selects an open place near a market, a bus stand or a railway station where he can gather a large number of people. He has a wonderful power to attract people. In order to draw the attention of people he often shouts ‘snake dance, snake dance’.

When many people gather round him, he shows people his playing with the snakes. The snake dances in rhythm with him when he plays a strange tune on his flute. Sometimes he pulls the snake by catching its tail.  People are amazed to see how easily he touches the poisonous snakes. Often he holds the snake in hand and shows the spectators his skill and display. The snake sometimes bites him and blood comes out from the injury. But he doesn’t care it, as the snake is no longer poisonous. This time people all standing around him throw coins on the ground and claps in joy to see his skill and play.  Sometimes he sells fake medicine to the people for various diseases and earns a lot of money.

A snake charmer lives on what he gets from people by the display of snakes. He is poor and often dies from snake-bite while catching new snakes.