A school library is usually a room or, a building where various collection of books on different subjects are kept ready for the readers to satisfy their thirst of knowledge. Now-a-days it is a part and parcel of every school.

Like many other schools, we have a big library in our school. It is situated on the upstairs of the school building. It is a specious room having a number of Almirahs containing books and literature history, geography, science, religion etc. At present it has many as ten thousands books on various subjects. Really, we are fortunate that our school has a rich library.
There is a well-furnished reading room attached to it. Students come here to pass their leisure hours by reading books, magazines etc. according to their choice. There is a trained and qualified librarian who is in charge of the library. He is a good man. He helps the students to select good books in every possible way. He keeps the books in the library in a systematic order.
Our teachers can also collect different reference books from the library for their better understanding about a subject. It is our library that can meet the needs of the students. Poor students who can not afford to buy their books can receive and borrow them from the library.
Every year the library, is enriched with new books on the latest subject and topics. A library is called a storehouse of knowledge. It is our duty to go to the library regularly in order to equip ourselves with knowledge about different subjects. The true function of a school library is to supply the students good books that widen their knowledge and help them to grow up intellectually. As a poet says:-
                                                              ‘’Away from the noise and bustle,
                                                                                 Just take me
                                                                          To the quiet sanctity
                                                                                   Of the library.’’