A tea stall is a common sight everywhere in towns and in villages in our country.It is generally a small shop with a few chairs, tables and benches.Most of the tea-stalls stand in the crowded places like railway stations,bus stands,launch and steamer ghats and markets.It opens early in the morning and closes at late night.In a big stall there
are often seen a number of boys who serve tea to the costumers.Besides tea we can get different kinds of biscuits, cakes and various kinds of sweets in a tea stall. The manager or the owner of the stall generally sits beside the cash box at the entrance of the stall.He recives money from the costumers and looks after the overall management of the stall.A tea stall is usually a noisy and crowded place.People who come to a tea stall usually do not leave it immediately after taking a cup of tea.They take tea and talk with one another.Often a group of people talks politics and others listen to it with rapt attention.That is why it is called a Mini Sangsad.Sometimes in rural areas social disputes are settled in a tea stall.In fact, a tea-stall is now-a days an important place of social gathering and at the same time a place of charming for the common people.