7th January,2013
41/1/A  New road,Italy

Dear Dip,
I am deeply shocked to hear the sad news of your mother’s sudden death.It came to me like a bolt from the blue.I can’t imagine even now that your mother is no longer among us.Whenever I close my
eyes,her loving face appears before me.It’s a great loss to me also.She was so kind and affectionate to me that I couldn’t  think her to be other than my own mother.I find no words to console you in such a bereaved hour.What pains me most is that your mother died an unexpected premature death.Her death reminds me once again that none can undo the decree of Allah.Hence,we can’t but submit to His will.
What I can say is that you must not break down at this irreparable loss.Her death has devoloped upon you greater responsibilities.May Allah give you courage and fortitude to bear this tragely.May her soul rest in eternal peace.

Sorrowfully yours,