Sound health

Health is wealth. Perhaps it is the most valuable wealth because it means more than anything else to everyone. A man with I'll health may be very rich but he suffers and waits for death to end his sufferings. On the other hand a poor but healthy man enjoys sound sleep, though he may lead a poor life. His movements are active and he has the ability of enjoying the pleasure of life. The first thing for sound health is to practice

Reckless driving

Reckless driving means driving a motor vehicle or an automobile in a dangerous manner with obeying any traffic law. In our country drivers of motor vehicles such as bus, truck, taxi, etc. area willing to obey the traffic rules. They want to drive the vehicle at their sweet will. Usually they are unskilled, ignorant of traffic

A lunch terminal

A lunch terminal is generally built on the bank of a river. It is commonly  found floating. Again, we see terminal buildings at some important places. Whether it is a floating terminal or a terminal building. There is a pier as a connecter between a terminal and the store. As Bangladesh is a land of rivers, motor lunches and stemars are important means of our water ignored at all. A launch terminal is usually crowded. People gather

The Eskimos

The Eskimos are the people who have traditionally lived in the Arctic region. They call themselves 'Inuit' which means 'people'. The word "Eskimo" means 'people who eat raw meat' and it is a native American word. Traditionally, the Eskimos live in an igloo, a small house with its roof in the shape of a dome built from blocks of hard snow. They wear hooded jackets, pants and animals, like the seal, caribou and polar bear. They hunt with arrows and harpoons, eat the flesh of hunted animals and travel on seldges pulled by dogs.

Hopi Indian

The native Americans are called Hopi Indians. They are also called the peaceful pethrir due to their nonviolent nature and simple ways if living. The word "Hopi" means peace. The Hopls are farmers by occupation and their primary crop is corn. They have a distinct culture of their own. Their daily life is part of their religion. Again, they believe that they need to help others to improve their life. Their customs are also a

The Monipuris

The Monipuris are an ancient tribal group living in Bangladesh. They have migrated from India and Mayanmar to Bangladesh. Now they are settled at the Hilly area of Chittagong. The Monipuris are hard working people. They are self relient by nature. They live on agriculture. The male Monipuris cultivate crops


The term ‘E-learning’ means “Electronic learning’ that encompasses all forms of technology enhanced learning. E-learning is the use of technology to enable people to learn anytime and anywhere. E-learning can include training, the delivery in just in time information and guidance from experts. These services are delivered, enabled or mediated by information and Communication Technology for the purposes of delivering electricity. In E-learning registration, admission, classroom entry and exit, class work, attendance, discussion

Unconventional job

Unconventional job are those that most people would not think of when choosing a career path. Often reserved for free sprits or for those who value intrinsic rewards above financial pay-offs, ‘these alternative vocations can provide the opportunity for people to make a living doing what they love. These jobs are wacky, odd, unexpected, wild, crazy, strange or weird. There are a number of unconventional jobs around

The effects of war

War and peace are contradictory to each other. War is a curse, it destroys the normal atmosphere of the world and brings unbearable pain, suffering and a misery in human life, it destroys not only human life but also animals and makes a country economically paralysed. We know the miserable condition of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the Second World War. In that war, a huge number of people died and many bodily

Premature Marriage

Premature marriage means a wedding between a young boy and a young girl before they are matured. The girls of the extreme poverty-ridden families in the slums of the towns and cities and of villages are found to be married off before 15. The parents of their families cannot afford to send their girls to schools and cannot provide them with jobs. Thus situations force the parents to get them married. Only poverty plays a key role

Nobel prize in peace-2006

Dr. Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen bank have won the Nobel prize in peace this year(2006). Dr. Muhammad Yunus, a renowned economist, started his carrer as professor of Economics. He was educated in Chittagong. He was awarded a USA. He is the founder and Managing Director of the Grameen Bank. Dr. Yunus has devoted himself to poverty alleviation. The bank gives loan to the poor, particularly to the poor women living in villages. Started from a small village Jobra in Chittagong, it has spread worldwide. Yes, I

Space travel

From the very early period of civilization man had a dream to conquer the space. Many scientists, astronomers and mathematicians had worked over it. They observed and calculated the movements of the stars, plants and their orbits. Many attempts were made to build rockets to explore the sky. Dr. Goddard made researches for thirty years to make a rocket. During the Second World War Dr. Von Brawn made a